Online Evangelism – What a Thought!

Ever thought about going out into the world and be testament to the Gospel?  Perhaps you don’t have to literally “go out” any more, because the world has come to you. Of course, I’m talking about the internet and that perhaps, online evangelism is something we should seriously consider when talking about evangelism. Did you […]

Tate Laisim Lunggulhna Bang Ci Piak Ding

Zomite Laisim Minam Bangci Suah Ding Nu-le-pate’n tate i piaktheih tuamtuamte lak ah a manphapen khat in: laisim lungulhna (reading habit) ahihi.  Bangmah dang ka pia zo kei zong in, lai/laisim lunggulhna pen ka tate ka piak sawm den khat ahihi. Ke’n zong laisim lunggulhna ka nei hak hi. Laisim lunggulhna ka neih ciang in […]

Pa Pan Tapa

Ka ta aw, A sawtlo in tangval pah ding na hita hi. Na neulaiin ‘ka liat ciang’ na cihcih hun a sawtloin hong tung ding hi. Tua hi a, hih lai ah na liat ciang na zat ding, kei zong ka khangno laiin hih bang thute hong kihilh hileh, ka cihcih teng kong hawm nuam hi. […]

Na Go Manpha Pen – II

Hih pen Na Go Manpha Pen Part I zopna ahihi. I go manphapen in i sepna (job) hi a, tua sepna a manphazaw leh a thupizaw a zat ding dan i kikum khin uhi. Khatveivei, i sepna ah haksatna tampi kituak thei hi. Lawh (khasum) a khan ding bang a khanglo; hihna (position) i deih bang in khanglo ahih-kei-leh office sung a i seppihte […]

Na Go Manpha Pen – I

Sum-le-pai thu i kikupna ah a kihello theilo pen go (asset) leh bat (liabilities) ahihi. Asset pen ZoDictionary in “(n) van neih, neih leh lam zuak theih inn, huan, logamte” ci hi. A tom in sum suah theih i gote ahihi. I gensa bang in i innsung leh mimal sum-le-pai zeekna ah a kicing zaw […]

Zomite Leh Change

Rigidity will break you, be flexible and adaptable like the water, take the shape of any kind of bottle life pours you into so you will be safe and saved. – Carey Suante Tuhun leitungbup ah kammal minthang pen “change” ahihi. Mipil leh thumute’n leitung politics, economy, religion hi-in society hi leh hong kilamdang (change) […]

Na Lunglutna Tawh Nekzong In

Leitung ah a hampha penpente in a lunglutna uh tawh nekzongte ahi uhi.  Ahizongin, mi tampi in i lunglutnate tawh nek kizong khalo hi. A diakin Zomite sungah nekzonna kithupi bawl mahmah in i lunglut leh lunggulhte ngaihsun manlo liang in nekzong kitam hi.  Tua mah bangin khangnote zong a lunglutna uh hi hiam hilo […]

How to Forget a Past (Bad) Relationship

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory – Rita Mae Brown If you have had a bad relationship or two leaving you empty, angry and vengeful, you know how difficult it sometimes is to forgive… and to forget…and to love again. It’s easy to point the finger of blame to the other […]

Zomi Kipawlnate Sep Dinga Hoih Pawlkhat

Leitung minam tampite lakah khat ahi Zomi akicite pen minam tawm leh minam niam mahmah khat kihi lai hi. Minam lian leh thupite banglo in ei tangthu (history) nangawn a kan zolo, a puah zolo kihi lai hi. Minam lian leh thupite banglo in ei tawh kisai thu kisam leh phamawh tampi a nei zolo, […]

Does the Church still care about you?

This is a re-post of an article I wrote years ago.   Does the Church still care about you? It’s a strange question to ask, and a question many may not be ready to ask, too. In other words, do you think the Church is doing enough for you and me, the members of the […]